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  in the streets of sacramento is a website following Sacramento's progressive communities' street actions through photographs and interviews, and union activity outside and in.
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021503 Sacramento peace rally
012003 MLK march
011803 Marching for peace in San Francisco
010903 Living wage
112102 Wal-Mart merchant of shame-Sacramento rally
111702 lock out! candle light vigil sutter roseville-local 250
111402 strike! sutter roseville-local 250
110502 rank and file politicing, and election day party
110102 Sharon Davis thanks 'labor' at the central labor council building
102302 4th annual 'a salute to labor' awards dinner
101702 First contract for MHS tech unit
101202 Michael Moore came to Sacramento
090202 Labor Day in Sacramento
082402/082502 Sacramento union members and activists join in the UFW's 'March for the Governor's Signature' campaign.
080702 SEIU Local 250 members walked up the steps and into the Capitol to lobby against cuts in healthcare funding.
080102 MHS technical bargaining unit and Local 250 began bargaining process with CHW. (Photos by Molly Flynn and Nancy Buckner.)
062502 Right to organize threatened, brief rally N steps of Capital
061902 Local 250-Central Labor Council join in Woodland, CA, rally
052202 Local 250-CHW's techs vote again, with a different result..
042902 Local 250-Announcement of contract ratification.
041902 Local 250-CHW contract ratification vote.
040202-041202. Local 250-CHW contract negotiations.
021202. Statewide informational picket local 250.
011802. SEIU delivers a letter to CHW hdqtrs in San Francisco.
121101. Mercy General employees vote as members of local 250.
111401. The Mercy votes were counted following local 250's campaign.
102501. Janitors rally against Universal Building Service.
101801. Janitors rally against Universal Building Service.
101701. President Bush came to town and spoke at the memorial auditorium.
090301. Labor day picnic