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  Once inside our union building we were directed up to the 3rd floor's meeting room. The room was packed with purple clad union members, and the empty pastry boxes on the tables in the rear suggested we had arrived a little late.



  Mercy General Hospital's (Sacramento) Ellen Dillinger, Josie Summers, Viola Vera, Glenn Patterson, and Jo Mcrae found seats under the photo of the late Willie Price, union activist and Local 250 vice president.



Martha Vazquez, St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center, Stockton, and Russ Harr, see next photo, provided the activist's 'nuts and bolts' perspective of their successful efforts to stave off CHW's unilateral attempt to change employee's health insurance plan and charge them an increased premium. CHW committed an unfair labor practice in the process.

Worksite activists had to counter CHW propaganda, and threats, in order to educate other employees on this issue. Once educated and understanding the issue employees then voted at a 4 to 1 margin for a strike, and a 10 day strike notice was give to CHW.

CHW subsequently retreated from their position.

This demonstrated the bargaining strength of an educated and united workforce.


  Russ Harr, St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center, Stockton.
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