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  The following is the text of the delivered letter. The original was written on SEIU stationary.

January 18, 2002

Mr. Lloyd Dean
Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Healthcare West
1700 Montgomery St.Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dear Mr. Dean:

We are the elected representatives of the nearly twelve thousand employees of
Catholic Healthcare West who have joined the Service Employees International
Union to have a voice in patient care and other decisions that affect our patients
and us. We are here today to speak to you directly about the growing frustration
that we and our co-workers feel regarding our contract negotiations with Catholic
Healthcare West.

The half-hearted effort that CHW representatives have applied toward statewide
bargaining and CHW's insistence that so many of the issues that could be resolved
in a statewide forum be negotiated facility by facility are counterproductive.
There is a more efficient and collaborative way to conduct collective bargaining.

Under your leadership, CHW has undertaken unprecedented change in a variety of
different areas. We believe that the time has now come for unprecedented change
in collective bargaining with our union as well. We call on you, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, to lead CHW in a new direction in labor relations
and to ensure that our contract is negotiated in a process that is respectful,
collaborative and expeditious in arriving at an outcome that is fair and just.


The Bargaining Committee from :

  St. Bernadine Medical Center
Community Hospital of San Bernadino
Bruceville Terrace
Woodland Clinic
St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center
St. Mary's Medical Center, Long Beach
Mercy San Juan
St. John's Regional Medical Center
Mercy General

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
Mercy Hospital Bakersfield
Mercy Southwest Hospital
California Hospital
Methodist Hospital
Mercy Hospital of Folsom
St. John's Pleasant Valley
Northridge Medical Center



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