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  It's in our contract! Year one wage increases: Upon ratification, employees will receive a nine percent (9%) across the board increase, except those employees who are less than five percent below the current Kaiser B2 wage rate or above the Kaiser B2 rate. In those instances, employees will receive 5 % across the board.



Tables pushed together forming a large square, with 'dresses' on their inner margins, provided the setting for contract negotiations. Most of the time CHW representatives were caucusing in their own room while we discussed our hopes and dreams and CHW's latest proposal in the 'negotiating' room.
A rap on the door would announce their return. When present, CHW representatives occupied one side of the square.


  Contract negotiations were a new experience for most, if not all, participating employees. John Borsos, Local 250's talented negotiator, proved to be an excellent teacher-- listening, explaining, and directing us forward through myriad issues.


  Our employee negotiating team worked hard at understanding the issues confronting employees at all the hospitals, and then did 'what's right'.

  Sharon, MGH medical transcriber and bargaining committee member, learned during the job classification discussion that her work activities qualified her for a higher classification and higher pay.


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