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  It's in our contract! Report Pay: Any employee called into work shall be given at least four hours of work.

  Committee members worked, talked, and often ate in the same room. 'Take out' was brought in for dinner.

  The food was good, but it was challenging to dish it up with tiny plastic eating utensils.

  We often completed our business and had time to spare before CHW negotiators returned from their caucus. Here a St Dom's group had gathered outside the negotiating room, in the hallway.

  Sleeping also occurred. Though distracting at times, the presence of children in the negotiating room added a sense of life as it is lived by most of us. We are parts of families and the decisions made in this room have far reaching effects.

  In the early hours of the morning, many of us took catnaps while we waited for CHW's return.


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