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  It's in our contract! Job Bidding: Provided that an employee meets the minimum qualifications, a position will be awarded to the most senior applicant.

  April 4th was the original deadline for a contract. Everyone wore small red and white APRIL 4 buttons indicating that goal. After April 4th, negotiations continued in whatever conference room was available-- in this case the Brandywine Room.

  CHW's head negotiator flanked by our committee members in the background--- Georgia from MSJH and Russ from Stockton.

  Working at a crossword puzzle while dependent health care was being discussed at the table.

  CHW negotiators filing out of the Brandywine room. Negotiations went something like this: Bargaining started with a list of about 50 issues. Over the days and nights, agreement was slowly reached on all but the big ticket money items-- the last issues to be resolved.


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