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  It's in our contract! Discipline only for Just Cause: The Employer may only discipline an employee if there is a "just cause"meaning a valid, evenly enforced rule.


Ed Gutierrez, Local 250's number-cruncher, at his laptop. Being able to quickly "do the numbers" is critical when negotiating dollars and cents issues.
Ed had been working on and off for months on the "program" for our contract negotiations, inputting who we were, where we were, our length of service, that sort of thing.
At one point when CHW's and our figures were miles apart on an issue's fiscal impact, Ed and his CHW counterpart got together and compared their programs.
CHW's number-cruncher then announced that the union's figures were correct.
Ed was given a hearty cheer worthy of a conquering hero upon his return to our room.

  Part of the Stockton group admiring someone's drawing.


Sal Roselli, local 250's president, explained some of the history of our union. He recalled that Local 250 healthcare workers in the Bay area had gone on strike three times to win an issue that CHW was agreeing to at the bargaining table in Sacramento. Now the issue has become an accepted part of Local 250 contracts.

Local 250 is raising the bar.

  MGH employees and committee members, Angelo, Josie, Sharon, Viola, and Anita, having a midnight laugh.

  Greg, local 250 staff person, Stockton.


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