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  The membership has to ratify the contract for it to be official. We did this resoundingly with a vote by all affected CHW hospitals beginning the week of April 15, 2002, and ending April 23 with Mercy Folsom. Voting day at Mercy General was April 19th, in a meeting room adjacent to the hospital cafeteria. Conference rooms and bulletin boards will be available for union use as a result of our contract!


  Ray Johnson was one of the early morning volunteers.

  Yona was also an early morning 'volunteer'.


  Phillip McKeown casts his ballot just before the votes were to be counted.

  Bill Watson opens the ballot box in preparation for the counting of the ballots. Bill has been a leader at MGH since the inception of Local 250's union organizing campaign in 1997.


  Ballots were counted by one person and double-checked by another. Union volunteers performed this task after the last vote was cast at 8:30 p.m.

  Josie and Cora double checking.

  Bill announced the totals, yes-294, no-5. It was a moment of triumph for MGH employees, and union organizing.


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