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  The Technical Election
  The technical bargaining unit votes YES! On May 22nd, 2002, techs at CHW Mercy Sacramento hospitals voted definitively, 244 to 155, to join Local 250. After a November 2001 election was marred by challenged votes, the decision was made to hold another election rather than go to arbitration. This one was more of an open-book quiz, since the service unit had just bargained a very good contract. Still, the outcome was by no means certain and the final days of the campaign were as harrowing as any previous.



  This photo was taken minutes before starting the vote count and reflects the nervous excitement experienced by those who know what it's like to lose. This was the third election in two years for the technical bargaining unit. They wouldn't take "no" for an answer and as they are about to see, the union prevailed!


  The Big Picture--- The vote count took place at the Methodist church on H Street, up the street from Mercy General. Those are the employees on the left, management representatives on the right.


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