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  Bill Watson, Chief Shop Steward at Mercy General and Bill Camp Secretary-Treasurer of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, shake hands before the count starts. Bill Camp has been a strong advocate for working people for many years and Bill Watson appears to be taking a similar path.




  The election occurred under rules agreed to by CHW and SEIU. Votes read out by the election official (a professional arbitrator, I think) are tallied by one person from the union (Mary Hillman, MSJH, in this case) and one from CHW. Glen Goldstein (SEIU) keeps track at the end of the table.


  Felipe was the Local 250 organizer for the technical bargaining unit at Mercy General.. Here he is tallying votes while Josie Summers looks on. Josie rose from the rank and file during last year's union campaign and is now union field rep. That glamorous technical person next to her will be a member of Local 250 before the evening is over!


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