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June 19,2002, 1900 hours: : Unions responding to a call from the Sacramento Central Labor Council united at the Cottonwood Health Care Center in Woodland in support of nine workers fired for engaging in a one day strike when contract bargaining stalled. The fired strikers were among 65 Local 250 members who had participated in a legal strike (ten days notice, etc.) on June 5th.

Nearly 100 people held a candlelight vigil in support of the fired workers and their fellow employees.

  Marangu Marete, a member of SEIU Local 1000, shouts out, "No Justice! No Peace!". In the line I saw members of SEIU Local 1877 (Janitors), the postal workers union, the ILWU (longshoreman's union) and of course, SEIU Local 250 (healthcare worker's union).

It was very gratifying to see all these people who obviously appreciate their own union showing up after work to help the nursing home workers in their fight to get a contract.



Ron Landingham (SEIU Local 1000) shown here chanting "What do we want? Contract! When do we want it? Now!" in front of the Cottonwood Health Care Center. Several Cottonwood employees and residents can be seen in front of the nursing home observing this event.

What is a useful chant? Employers who hear a chant that's working should think "I don't want to hear this ever again." Loudly pointing out the shame of an unfair or recalcitrant employer to the employer's community is but one of the nonviolent tools workers have in their fight for better wages and working conditions.

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