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  Vigilers signing a petition in support of the fired nursing home workers. To the right is a shirt reading "Silent No More" which is what happens when workers join a union. You stop being afraid to speak up and you start pointing out the various inequities occurring in your work place.


  Letitia Burliaga, fired former cook for 90 persons in the Cottonwood Health Care Center. Starting at 5 a.m., she provided breakfast and lunch for residents with a variety of dietary requirements. When she participated in a strike over stalled bargaining, she was fired. The Cottonwood Health Center has a staff turnover of nearly 100%, which makes you wonder why they won't make more of an effort to retain dedicated workers like Letitia.



Ron Landingham (center), SEIU Local 1000 Alt. Deputy Director for Bargaining, Morgan Gay (right), SEIU local 250 organizer, and Walter Rice, SEIU 1000, comparing notes.

A sobering fact is that some of us will end up as nursing home residents ourselves. Do we want to be cared for by overworked, underpaid workers or by fellow union members whose working conditions allow them to do a good job?

  Though the presence of daylight obscured the symbolism of lighting candles "against the darkness", it was still unifying to march with these traditional symbols of hope.
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