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email in the streets of sacramento dillingertoons
  Leaving through the back door of the Westminster Church on our way to the Capitol.


  Walking across "N" street, our affiliation made obvious by our purple SEIU shirts and visors. At this juncture, I was trying to put together some short but pithy statement that would summarize why the budget must not include healthcare cuts. Should it be personal testimony, something based on the ethics, economics, case histories, what? In the end, better speakers stepped forward and the legislators were spared my brief tirade.



  Mounting the steps of the Capitol. We don't know it yet, but we are about to be subjected to modern security measures (identities ascertained with driver's licences, purses and backpacks searched, etc.). The young woman in front will be able to take her camera into the Capitol, but NOT into the room where the Assembly meets.


  Into the elevator and up to the second floor for this group.That's Keith Lexion in front and Josie Summers (our union field representative) on the right.


  Sharon Martinez presenting Assembly member Russ Bogh's staff member with a flyer and asking her to ask him to support the Senate plan.. In most cases, the major inhabitant of the office was not in, so we dealt with their staff persons. This one was not able to assure us of Assembly Member Bogh's unqualified support for the Senate version of the budget.


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