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Keith Lexion (MG) shaking hands with Senator John Burton, who of course rates a thank you for getting the budget passed in the Senate.

And while we're in Senator Burton's office, thanks is also due to Senator Burton's brother Phil (now deceased) who was instrumental in making Point Reyes a national seashore. What a treasure that is!


  Prayer vigil in the Capitol Bldg. in which prayers were offered for the passing of an ethical and compassionate state budget.



  After an extensive security check, our group visited the Assembly meeting room, where not much appeared to be happening. There was a great shout from outside, which drew our attention to this group of California school employees gathered on the Capitol steps. Like us, they were here to protest budget cuts to programs they supported, in this case, school services.


  If you were late for lunch, this is what you got, a Republican budget sandwich!



Whereas this group that arrived back at the church on time got sandwiches, chips, cookies and soda as they discussed the day's events.

What was learned during this day? We had already learned during our union organizing campaigns that various state laws could help or hinder us. We all benefited from the law that prevents businesses which use state money from using it for anti-union campaigns, and the law that says we have to be paid an hour's wage for a half-hour's missed lunch break. Today we learned something about influencing the forces that regulate our lives and workplaces, and that (the political level) is what we've got to work on to make the changes we need.


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