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President Bush came to town and spoke to nearly 4000 supporters (invited by business lobbying groups) at the memorial auditorium, a recently renovated memorial to WW1 veterans. It is located downtown (15th & J st). The president was scheduled to begin speaking at 11 am, but began about 11:30, departing around noon for another speech at Travis Air Force Base before setting off for Asia.
Tight security prevented both his many flag bearing supporters and the placard carrying protestors from approaching the auditorium. Protestors were advised to assemble at 16th and K st, Bush supporters congregated at 17th and J st.
In contrast to the relatively mild police presence to the east of the auditorium where these fotos were taken, more combative conditions developed between protestors and police along the I st corridor out of town where it was expected the President would pass following his speech.



  I arrived at 16th and K st about 11am. Protestors were positioned on two corners. Sixteenth st a major artery through town was closed at this point, and several police officers were in the street directing traffic away from the auditorium located a block away.


  Traffic along 16th passed protestors holding an array of home made placards and banners expressing their individual sentiments and concerns.
'Mary'*, the woman holding the 'remember vietnam' sign in the foreground, stated '...history is repeating itself. We are fighting in another 3rd world country, ignoring the sovereign rights of nations, and its to continue US supremecy.'
*'Mary' declined to state her name, and chose to be identified as Mary for this statement.


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