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the janitors at Universal Building Services and their supporters again took to the streets in their effort to publicize their struggle for better working conditions.

these ongoing actions have resulted from Universal Building Services' (UBS) continued cutthroat working conditions; minimum wages, no medical benefits, no respect, and illegal firings. the NLRB is currently prosecuting UBS.

Pacific Bell buildings and the Elks Building are cleaned by UBS janitors.

SEIU local 1877's justice for janitors campaign has been successful in sacramento in convincing many property owners and management companies to contract with union janitorial companies. these union companies provide their employees with working conditions most of us expect at our jobs.

supporters are asked to join the rallys. the next rally will be held 110301, a saturday, noon at 2700 watt ave, corner of watt ave and kings way.

SEIU 1877 also requests we call leonard brusseau of UBS at (510) 527-1078, and tell him we want better working conditions for these janitors.


  the action began in front of the elks building, 4:30pm. supporters continued to arrive throughout the rally.


  'what do we want? justice! when do we want it? now!'


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