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1999's KPFA fotos LABOR DAY PICNIC 090301  

The Sacramento Central Labor Council hosted a Labor Day Picnic in William Land Park. Ellen and I attended, and along with many union brothers and sisters spent the afternoon amidst friends, talking and eating, listening to labor friendly speakers, and applauding a swell magician.
Such gatherings are essential to the growing sense of union solidarity in the Sacramento area.
Here is the day's photo album.

2, misc fotos-early walk about
3, magician and kids
4, magician and kids
5, the food area
6, speakers-fargo, others
7, families and friends
8, the beer area
_9, misc fotos-later walk about
10, speakers
11, tables
12, raffle
13, game area
14, buy a shirt


Wishing we had thought to bring the directions we meandered about william land park before we stumbled across this welcome sight. The picnic's hours were 11 to 4. We arrived a little before 11.


After parking we first encountered Seiu local 1000's Dan Carranza who was registering participants and handing out raffle tickets and food passes. Van Evans, also local 1000, signing in...












In walking about the picnic area I encountered Sacramento's Mayor Heather Fargo and West Sacramento's city councilperson Chris Cabaldon. I suggested they pose with the kids.
Many local politicians attended which added to the feeling of an old time labor picnic, as well as confirming that labor united is a political force.



Most of the participating unions already had their banners up when we first arrived, where their members later gathered.
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