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AUGUST 1, 2002: First day of contract bargaining for the technical unit at Mercy Hospitals Sacramento. After the technical unit voted "yes" for a union in May, bargaining committee members were elected who will now participate in negotiating a contract. They'll be meeting for several hours each week at the SEIU Local 250 Union Hall with John Borsos, chief negotiator for the union, to formulate the union's proposals and bargain with CHW. (Photos by Molly Flynn and Nancy Buckner.)




  Nancy Buckner (Vascular Lab tech) and Molly Flynn-Zanzi (Rad. Tech) both of Mercy General and both long time supporters of the union. It is thanks to their "Imaging Service" that we have these web-site photos -- they took all the photographs for this tech bargaining session!



  A union lanyard with multiple union buttons is demonstrated by this bargaining committee member. I regret to say that I don't know who everybody is, so if anyone knows who these and subsequent un-named persons are, let us know! ---A nice thing about the bargaining process is that you meet people from the other hospitals and can compare notes about how they do things. Is Mercy Folsom really a country club? Meet someone who works there and learn the truth!



  Three respiratory therapists here to let their issues be known. Being on the bargaining committee is probably one of the best ways to learn about other peoples' jobs in the hospital-- you learn what they do, what they like about it, and what they would like to change. In my own job, I'm never on "stand-by" or "call" but I soon learned what was good and bad about it from listening to others who knew all too well.


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