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  Lorenza (Special Procedures rad tech, MG) imagining what a perfect contract would be like.... Lorenza has worked at Kaiser and brings ideas to the bargaining table about what did and didn't work in the Kaiser contract.


  Nancy Buckner and Diane Short (Ultrasound Tech, Meth.) examining the highlights of the Service Unit contract (purple sheet) and the proposals for the Technical Unit contract. The Service contract is good, but the techs have additional concerns which need to be addressed. In addition to wages and job classifications, they have issues like call and stand-by pay, floating differentials, PTO/ESL changes, certification fee payment, and more. Job classification is an important part of the process, because if wages are tied to another facility (such as Kaiser or CHW in the Bay area), the job classifications have to be comparable.



  Two more tech bargainers.


  Terry Uhl (OR tech, MG) is the bargaining member on the right, but the woman with her I don't know. Everybody will know everybody pretty well by the end of bargaining, but this is just the beginning.



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